FINAL FANTASY 7 remake found in the Epic Games Store database

Sheriff Sayed
June 18, 2021 11:28 GMT

FINAL FANTASY 7 remake may be heading to the PC.

Square Enix has been striving to introduce larger Japanese games to PCs in recent years, FINAL FANTASY 7 Remake Not yet available on the platform. However, this seems to change soon.

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JRPG entries have been unearthed from the Epic Games Store database. EpicData..As discovered by Resettera, Some games have been removed from the EGS database, some have not been released, and some have not yet been announced.

FINAL FANTASY 7 Remake will appear on the list several times, with Square Enix Japan as the developer. This obviously doesn’t confirm that the game is coming to the PC, but it’s a pretty good sign.

Participating in the Epic Games Store does not necessarily prevent your games from appearing on Steam at the same time. Many PC games will be released at both storefronts at the same time. However, given the history of Square Enix, although recently demonstrated at Kingdom Hearts, FINAL FANTASY 7 Remake could be an epic store for a few months only.

With the recent release of Intergrade upgrades / extensions, FINAL FANTASY 7 Remake’s exclusive period will be further extended on PlayStation, ending in December, when PC announcements may take place.

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