FINAL FANTASY 7 Remake Intergrade footage shows Yuffie’s actions

FINAL FANTASY 7 RemakeUpdated DLC, IntergradeIntroduced on PlayStation 5 on June 10th, Square Enix’s new footage shows what its star Yuffie Kisaragi will look like on the PlayStation 5 console.

Instead of adding more to the Cloud Strife journey FINAL FANTASY 7 Remake Intergrade Bring a completely different story and character to the game. Intergrade Yuffie Kisaragi and her partner Kusakabe Sonon are two ninjas from the five governments to steal the most powerful material of the Silla utility.

The Square Enix video follows Yuffie’s attempt to achieve his primary goal of rendezvous with Avalanche Headquarters. The gameplay footage is from a very early stage in the game, and nothing too big or new has been revealed. Still, there are five things we have noticed.

Details of the new folklore of the Avalanche Headquarters

I briefly met the new Avalanche team in a previous trailer, but now I’m detailing the cast supporting Yuffie on her quest, Avalanche HQ.Unlike the more combative avalanche units from Remake“Headquarters is more peaceful and aims to free the Midgar people from the enterprise,” Square Enix said in a news release.

There are four new supporting characters. Jijie, a Utai who lives in Midgar and becomes Yuffie’s guide. Nayo gives Yuffie and Sonon an ID to avoid Midgar. A young member of the team enjoying a game called Pork, Fort Condor. And Billy Bob, a character who gathers intelligence by going to the bar.

Midgar’s new area

You can see many of Yuffie navigating the vast, stone-filled terrain with destroyed buildings. This area appears to be somewhere on the outskirts of Midgar. Later, she can be seen passing through a new factory area filled with agile obstacles. Yuffie can glide along a vertical metal structure and swing from a hanging device. Also, the player seems to throw a ton of shuriken, collect items from the box and press the switch.

Track animals and items

As Yuffie is a materia hunter, her work is focused on searching and tracking items and animals. In one scene, a man named Old Snapper in a slum in Sector Seven sends her to look for leaflets in town, and Yuffie chases a stray cat. In another scene, she mentions the Moogle she’s looking for.

Another brush with Don Corneo?

This has not been confirmed, but it is a wall market mafia and Remake.. I don’t see him in this video, but I see Yuffie fighting a group of his lazy people. In other words, there may be some big encounter there. Again, it may be an accidental encounter with some of his subordinates.

Details of Yuffie’s combat skills

This footage primarily shows what Yuffie looks like in combat. Her weapon — an oversized shuriken — gives her long-distance relationships and close-up combat capabilities. Players can throw (and retrieve) shurikens as ranged weapons. Or, when you’re nearby, Yuffie can slash the shuriken like a sword or knife.

When it comes to special abilities, Yuffie has something to change the elements of the weapon — fire, ice, lighting, or wind. This allows her to take advantage of her enemy’s weaknesses. Then, as we’ve seen, she can make a tag team attack with Sonon. Sonon cannot be controlled as a character, but can issue commands.

In most cases, Square Enix’s latest trailer was about showing off Yuffie on the PlayStation 5. I couldn’t get any more important story details or insights about a character like the mysterious villain Nero. Still, the new trailer shows Yuffie’s actions and looks as good as when she first saw her in the adorable Moogle cloak.