Final Fantasy 7 remake made my childhood disappointed

It’s always a bit embarrassing to see adult adults becoming big and angry babies because they adapt or transform their favorites, as if the things they love have been destroyed in some way in the process. Of course, I only react to things accordingly. Obviously, except for the “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” launched on consoles last year and the game launched on PC today. It broke into my home and occupied a huge, steaming dump in my childhood-it must be a crime. Yes, now I am that big and angry baby.

For a while, Final Fantasy 7 was the best game I have ever played. I don’t even think it is the best Final Fantasy of the day, but it is still very special for a long time-the first one I really fell into is also the rare JRPG I have really completed. But when I think back to this precious time of my childhood, I now only remember the anger when I played Remake last year and the relief I felt when I finally finished it.

At the beginning of my adventure through the formidable city of Midgar, I was fascinated. Technology has caught up with the original team’s vision, and finally gave us a tangible city and a role that doesn’t look like a Kinder Egg. Of course, the background of Final Fantasy 7 looks great, but this Midgar rendition feels energetic, rather than a beautiful artwork with some silly-looking characters pasted on it.

(Image source: Square Enix)

I am even more happy to see characters like Jessie get their due rewards, and everyone benefits from the new voice acting and modern animation. Although the original small block character model does have its charm, Remake is much more expressive. Then there is the Honey Bee Inn section, which now celebrates the abolition of gender norms instead of making fun of Cloud for wearing a skirt. This boy is a hot girl, looks so beautiful in a dress, and deserves respect.