Final Fantasy 7 Remastered PC Review

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What is it? Remake the first part of the 90s classic PlayStation RPG Final Fantasy 7.
Estimated payment: 70 USD
Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Comment time: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X, Gigabyte RTX 2080 Super, 32GB RAM
multiplayer game? No
Association: Epic Games Store

“Final Fantasy 7 Remake” was released on PlayStation a few months after it was released on PC, and it was priced at $70. Hope there is a definite version, but when it is released, I can’t say that’s it. This is disappointing, because even though Square Enix provided it with the kind of PC port that the publisher was notorious for—not as bad as Neil: Automata, it was still disappointing—Final Fantasy 7 Heavy The plate making is excellent.

After the boring, confusing and unfinished Final Fantasy XV, the new version of one of the most popular games in the series makes it feel like it is really visionary. It faithfully reproduces the original game from 1997 (if you play it on PC for the first time like me in 1998, it gives me a lasting appreciation for MIDI soundtracks), while commenting on the source in a way that makes it feel up-to-date Material. The combat system is now completely real-time, but finally managed to pay tribute to the classic RPG legacy of the series.

The biggest caveat is that despite the title, FF7R only recapitulates the opening of the original game-set in the dirty industrial city of Midgar, where the rich live a comfortable life on huge metal plates, while the poor do Living in the shadows next to piles of waste and waste. Although it might take about 10 hours for the Midgar part initially, now it has become a 35-40 hour adventure and feels more complete in itself. With everything reaching a dramatic climax, it makes sense to close the book there (until the inevitable sequel).

(Image source: Square Enix)

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