FINAL FANTASY 9 is becoming an anime series

By Dom Peppiatt
June 22, 2021 09:35 GMT

square EnixClassic role-playing game FINAL FANTASY 9 Has been changed to Anime TV series, Square Enix is ​​looking down on the project.

The anime series based on FINAL FANTASY 9 is being developed by a French company called Cyber ​​Group Studio, which started the project in partnership with Square Enix.

First reported kidscreen And pickup RPG SiteThe series aims to be in production by the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022. Now the production company clearly seems to be “finishing the Project Bible.”

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However, don’t expect adult animation. This project is aimed at ages 8-13 and may have a different animation style than the Japanese style anime expected for the Final Fantasy project.

The FINAL FANTASY 9 plot is a bit child-friendly than the plots in other FINAL FANTASY games (apart from Vivi’s), and you’re more adapted to this than the production company says FINAL FANTASY 7 (eco warrior) You can see why you choose Terrorism), FINAL FANTASY 8 (a full-scale war with space witches) or FINAL FANTASY 10 (childhood trauma, lots of death).

According to RPG Site, this is not the first time Cyber ​​Group Studio has collaborated with Square Enix. The company worked with a publisher to work on a mini-ninja series based on the Square Enix video game of the same name.

“The game has powerful co-viewing potential. For those who know FINAL FANTASY IX, this is [introduction], “Pierre Sissmann, CEO of Cyber ​​Group Studios, said:

according to Animation magazineDominique Bourse, COO of Cyber ​​Group Studios, adds:

“We are honored and committed to taking part in such a wonderful adventure with our Square Enix friends. With hundreds of millions of fans around the world and a new mass of both children and adults. The opportunity to reach such a large number of people is a big challenge we are very proud of. It is a dream come true for the French and US teams and creating great entertainment that respects this great brand. I’m already looking forward to it. “

There are no images of the project or hints on what it will look like when it arrives. Square Enix has not commented yet.

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