Final Fantasy VII Battle Royale gets a November release date, and the opening movie is announced

“Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier” is a mobile battle royale game with Midgar as the background and will be released this month.

According to reports, Square Enix has previously stated that “The First Soldier” will be released in November. IGNBut due to New opening movie It debuted on YouTube today, and we know the exact release date: November 17th. In less than two weeks, what better way to get you excited about the voice acting in Battle Royale than watching the new opening movie? The first fighter.

Set 30 years before the events of “Final Fantasy VII”, the first soldiers were the first soldiers used by the Shinra Power Company on the battlefield in the suburbs of Midgar. As expected, the opening movie is entirely CG and it has nothing to do with the actual battle royale aspect of the first soldier, except that the last few seconds show some characters jumping from a helicopter in the fashion of battle royale.

You can now pre-register for Battle Royale, you can get some pre-registration rewards by doing so, Determined by the actual number of pre-registered:

  • 300,000: Chocobo Egg
  • 500,000: Shinra Mask Skin
  • 770,000: Shinra bicycle skin
  • 1,000,000: The appearance of the Shinra utility vehicle
  • 2,000,000: Shinra helicopter skin

The 75-person Final Fantasy VII Battle Royale will be released on iOS and Android devices on November 17th in 12 days.

While waiting, check the latest details we have learned Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Then read Final Fantasy VII Eternal Crisis, Square Enix, another mobile game centered on Final Fantasy VII, was announced earlier this year.

Will you play Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier later this month? Please let us know in the comments below!