Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker 6.1 Patch Notes – Lots of Changes Affecting Players Old and New

Last week, we saw a trailer for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker’s 6.1 patch as part of the producer’s letter of introduction. This week we now have preliminary patch notes for what’s coming out on April 12th.

The patch notes for 6.1 are long because all of these documents are for the important FFXIV update.We’ll distill some of the big stuff below, but check out every little detail in the new version of Endwalker, which Square Enix makes publicly visible right here. So what’s included in Patch 6.1 “New Found Adventures”?

  • 10 main scenario missions – Starts in The Rising Stones (MSQ “Endwalker” must be completed to start this new questline)
  • 4 Chronicle tasks for the new age – Start the raid of the Mythical Alliance. Starts at Old Sharlayan (must be level 90 war or magic)
  • 4 character missions – Start from Radz-at-Han (must be level 90 war or magic)
  • Alliance Raid Dungeon, Aglaia Added
  • Added a new unnamed dungeon
  • New PVP mode, adding Crystal Clash of three arenas – 5v5 Payload Escort Mode. (Requires war or magic level 30 and completion of the “No More Puppies” quest in the player’s large corporation)
  • New Trial – The Bard’s Ballad: The Terminator’s Aria
  • Added Unreal difficulty to Ultima’s Bane Trial
  • Added Adventurer’s Plate (Beta) – Customizable character cards with portrait, available time and playstyle metrics.
  • New plots available for purchase in Empyreum
  • Added Endwalker new game + chapter
  • Added duty support system (dungeons with NPC allies) to support A Realm Reborn Dungeons
  • Added endless codex – Provides information about in-game terms and characters.
  • new emoji
  • Sightseeing log changes
  • New Hrothgar and Viera hairstyles
  • GARO collaboration returns
  • new mount
  • new minion
  • New thing (detailed later)
  • new recipe (detailed later)

Patch 6.1 has a lot to look forward to for players new and old. This update marks the first step towards a brand new storyline. The new Raid and Dungeon content will keep progressing players busy for a while, and adding a duty support system to dungeons of level 1-50 content is huge for players looking to single-play the game as much as possible. Not to mention that freelance corporations who dream of owning player homes and a piece of land have a chance to make that dream come true.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker patch 6.1 will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC when it releases next week. Read our review of Endwalker, the end of a spectacular decade for Final Fantasy XIV. Then, see where it ranks in our full ranking of mainline Final Fantasy games.