Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Gets New Trailer, Release Delayed by Two Weeks

Taking into account the unstable release of the original game before the redesigned A Realm Reborn, the 24 million registered players of Final Fantasy XIV weaved a hard-working success story. Since then, Iozia has grown with multiple expansion packs: Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers, each of which has introduced new areas of exploration, more character work, and exciting story rhythms to support An already fascinating central narrative. Endwalker is the next large-scale addition. The pandemic has affected the production of the fourth expansion, and now the producer and director Naoki Yoshida has announced the launch of the new Endwalker trailer (see picture below) with a short two-week delay.

in a Square Enix press release, Yoshida apologized for the last-minute delay (Endwalker was originally scheduled to be released on November 23), and said that the team needs more time to optimize the stability of the MMO. An excerpt from his statement is as follows:

“Of course we will provide a new adventure in FFXIV to succeed Endwalker. However, due to the various struggles we have experienced from our current position due to the failure of the original FFXIV, I cannot suppress my desire for the perfect Endwalker to do my best. As a result. , The time we spent on quality improvement exceeded our expectations, and we finally allocated the time for debugging. On the other hand, since stability is very important for online games, I have decided to postpone the release of the expansion pack by two weeks To ensure that we have time to debug at the end of development.”

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker brings a series of new features, including but not limited to tanks, healing, melee DPS, physical long-range DPS, magic long-range DPS, new role missions for the Grim Reaper and Sage classes, and new raids on normal and brutal difficulty as follow-ups Patch settings, another treasure hunting dungeon and housing area with larger purchaseable plots, 5v5 PVP for ranked seasons, and small-scale quality of life adjustments including UI changes.

Our resident MMO expert Dan Tack has played Endwalker and loved his time. He said: “Obviously, playing MMORPG for a few hours is just a drop in the bucket. But everything I saw in Endwalker speaks for greater The game and its continued development path, they have improved the quality of the title in each expansion. With Endwalker representing the finale of the current storyline, I look forward to a lot. So far, everything I have seen thinks us Will get it.”

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker will now be released on December 7, and Early Access will begin on December 3.