Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker | Today’s New Gameplay

In November this year, “Final Fantasy 14” will have the next big expansion with Endwalker, which will be the largest expansion of MMORPG to date. Given how great the Shadowbringers are, it certainly has a tough move, but it looks like it is up to the challenge. During the preview session, we were able to experience the expansion first-hand in a limited way, including diving into the dungeon of Zot Tower. Yes, it has interference tunes that we all remember since it started in Final Fantasy IV. I like Final Fantasy IV, so this dungeon really reminds me of some extra nostalgia.

Yes, you may also see other familiar faces from the Final Fantasy IV inspiration in its walls. The wizard sisters are here, you better believe that they can use delta attacks! Although in this episode I am very new to the Reaper course (we started with everything, so I have a lot of buttons to figure out), but we successfully completed it, using many of the same game mechanics that are already popular Final Fantasy XIV and general types Games, such as stay away from danger and pay close attention to boss attacks.

Join us and check out Zot’s Tower in this episode of today’s new game! Are you looking forward to “Terminator”? What class are you going to take? Let us know in the comments!