Finally, mainstream esports acceptance: ESPN airs Microsoft Excel All-Star Game

Esports isn’t just for shooters, MOBAs, and real-time strategy games.As we’ve seen over the past few years, almost anything can be esports, from Farming Sim League to Geoguessr Competition to Wikipedia Express. If it’s a program that runs on a computer, no matter what it is, someone will find a way to make it certainly There is Microsoft Excel eSports.

According to reports technology radar (opens in new tab), Excel esports attracted a lot of new fans last weekend when ESPN aired a replay of the Excel All-Star Game that took place in May. The event is organized by the Financial Modeling World Cup, “the leading financial modeling competition for all interested in finance,” and will be presented on August 4 as part of ESPN’s “The Ocho,” a 24-hour celebration Strange sports racing including corgis, axe throwing and rock jumping.