“Fine-tune” the project triangle strategy based on the feedback from the demo

Square Enix’s tactical role-playing game Triangle strategy — Formerly known as Project triangle strategy Appeared on Nintendo Direct on Thursday, and now, its official release date is: March 4, 2022.

Nintendo and Square Enix jointly announced for the first time Triangle strategy In February. The free trial version of the game was also launched on the Nintendo eShop in February, and Square Enix listened to player feedback on the game. The Nintendo Direct announcer stated that this feedback played a role in the development:

“In response to the survey of the trial version released in February this year, the game has been fine-tuned, focusing on elements that have received a lot of feedback. These include adjustments to difficulty, improvements to screen visual effects, camera angle control, and the ability to review previous conversations. And simplified game flow and loading time.”

Triangle strategy Is the latest work of the producer Octopath Traveler; This is a turn-based tactical game Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Players control a wide range of party members-mages, knights, archers, etc.-and lead them through battles in the fantasy world.

The protagonist of the game, Serenoa Wolffort, is the heir to one of the greatest families in the world. In his view, players have the ability to change the world around them by making key decisions. Triangle strategyThere will be many “choices and consequences” in the story, and the narrative path of the game will change according to Wolfford’s actions.

Square Enix will launch this game specifically for Nintendo Switch.