First 2 Hours of Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Watch Game Informer Live

It’s almost time for Mass Effect Legendary Edition! To celebrate, we board Normandy again in Mass Effect 1 to showcase the changes seen in the first game. From Eden Prime to the reunion with the Council, we do everything in a new two-hour stream and dive into our beloved favorites.

Kicking Guess’s ass, learning more about Reapers and discovering the implications of becoming a hero, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a remaster of a trilogy that makes a lot of sense to many.Most of us here Game informer I’m a big fan, but this time I wanted to spice up and provide a new experience. I myself and Kim Wallace have a lot of playthroughs under our belt, this latest one is playthrough number 32 for me, but Alex Vann Aiken is a newcomer to this space adventure. is. We walk through the different worlds of Mass Effect and show him what it means to be a Specter. Join us and convince him to go to Renegade!

Join Alex Van Aken, Kim Wallace, and Liana Ruppert when checking out Mass Effect Legendary Edition. You can find us on YouTube and the Twitch channel and join us in the fun. Join the conversation, share the Canon Shepherd with us, and tell us what you’re going to do differently this time. For those who haven’t played the BioWare trilogy, the stream has spoilers, but we’ll talk about the unique changes that remasters bring, so anyone interested is welcome!

It’s going to be live at 11am in Central, so let’s get in, hang out and kick the reaper’s ass!

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