First image of Halo TV series leaks online

Sheriff Sayed
June 12, 2021 09:02 GMT

Unfortunately, the first time I saw the Halo TV series was a leak.

Seems to be very close to the first proper investigation Hello TV seriesAt least that’s expected, as shots from the trailer were leaked online.

View on youtube

Everyone left the video player UI in the shot, so you can see that it was captured from the trailer. Nevertheless, the trailer seems to be about a minute long. The video itself hasn’t been leaked, but the screenshots there show what you can expect.

All of them can be seen in @ IdleSloth84The following Twitter galleries – Please note that they may disappear soon.

As you can see, like some covenants, the chief appears prominently in the trailer. Judging from these low resolution screen grabs, the quality of the CG looks pretty good.

There are many talents behind the show. Pablo Schreiber will play the chief, Natascha McElhone will play Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey, and Cortana actress Jen Taylor will play her role again.

The Halo TV series will be available on Paramount + in early 2022. A trailer cut is available that you’ll see in tomorrow’s Microsoft and Bethesda showcases.

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