First Persona 25th Anniversary Reveal Video Showcases Anime, Concerts, and Next Stream Date

Throughout the summer, Atlas launched a website dedicated to Persona’s 25th anniversary, claiming that from the first in September, seven exciting secrets will be revealed. New merchandise and Persona 6 were quickly confirmed, but yesterday marked the release of the first anticipated reveal video. The feline mascot of Persona 5-and the newly appointed 25th anniversary event ambassador-Morgana took to the stage to congratulate Atlus on the well-received JRPG/high school sim franchise. Here is what fans will see under the “25th Role Playing” content banner in the next few months (if you don’t understand Japanese, please watch the video with closed captions enabled!):

The news revealed in yesterday’s live broadcast showed Japanese content. For example, all past Persona anime can be streamed in Japan via Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other services. This announcement includes the “Persona 4”, “Persona 4 Gold Edition” and “Persona 5” series. Persona 3 movies and Persona Trinity Soul (the first animation in the series, you may never have heard of it) are also accessible. In addition, a special orchestral concert celebrating the 25th anniversary will be held at the Tokyo Opera City Hall on November 21; your favorite franchise songs will be re-arranged classics. Tickets are on sale starting today, so if you already live in the area, you are lucky. Sadly, Japan is still enforcing strict travel regulations, but hopes that the performance will be broadcast online. Finally, limited-time items including the “Persona 3” theme watches are now on sale, so please check the catalog on the Atlus website.

Morgana stopped at the end of the live broadcast, using just one sentence to disrupt the next secret that was scheduled to be held in December. We have to wait a few more months to know what’s new in Persona.

Of course, yesterday’s video was aimed at Japanese fans, but what do you think the December live broadcast will show? Put your guesses below.