First see the open levels of Halo Infinite (4K)

The upcoming release of Halo Infinite marks an exciting time for Xbox fans worldwide. The return of the Master Chief is becoming an exciting event, and we will quickly check the opening missions of 343’s latest adventure through 4K!

In this clip, we find that John-117 is fighting the exiles. This is a group of familiar but unfamiliar grunts, wolves, barbarians and elites who have found their way to Zeta Halo and hope to use their power to obtain Benefit. The first level of Halo Infinite took place 18 months after the Halo 5 incident, but we found that Chief was re-entered into the conflict and fought for his life on the destroyed battleship Gbraakon six months after being knocked down. Before he travels to the next step in the ring, he must break through his alien enemies and figure out what he missed during the time he left.

When we talked to 343, they made it clear that they wanted Halo Infinite to be the spiritual successor to the original game that started it all. This became very obvious in this opening mission, as the Chief passed through the metal hall of the Brute battleship and then descended into the ultimate weapon of the universe, echoing the time he cleared the Pillar of Autumn in Halo: Combat Evolved.

Nostalgia is not the only thing you can find in this clip, because we can also experience new battles in the game. Grappleshot will become the player’s best friend, and as we have seen here, it is not only handy when trying to scale the vertical level of Halo Infinite.

For fans eagerly awaiting the release of Halo Infinite on December 8, this is just the beginning of the fun! Join our Game Informer in the next few weeks and we will download a lot of new information about the latest works in the iconic series of developer 343, including in-depth knowledge of the battle, our new impressions of the single player mode, and more! Thanks for watching, we hope you enjoy reporting!