First see wild characters and arena-style battles in “Star Wars: The Hunter”

Just when I thought I had seen everything that “Star Wars” had to offer, Zynga came up with the strangest idea: a Javanese standing on his brother’s shoulders and creating a tall fighter named Utooni. This puzzling creation is just one of many combatants in Zynga Star Wars: Hunter, a Switch and mobile game scheduled to be released next year.

Star Wars: Hunters is a free multiplayer game, and its roster has some real opportunities. You won’t see famous characters like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader or Boba Fett fighting against death. Zynga is building its own roster of outer ring fighters. Another strange name is Slingshot, which happens to be a droideka driven by Ugnaught. There is also a robot named J-3DI, which thinks it can control power and wields a lightsaber.

There are several characters that match your expectations of the Star Wars universe. Sentinel seems to be a fairly ordinary stormtrooper, and he happens to like heavy weapons. There is also a Sith Lord named Reeve, wearing black and red clothes.

All characters have their own unique abilities, attributes, and belong to one of three categories: damage, support, or tanks. They risked their lives in pursuit of fame and fortune and fought hard in the organized “outer ring hunter” competition. Players are still competing for precious prizes, such as cosmetics, animations, and weapon appearances for each character.

At least two PvP modes will be provided at launch. The first is Escort, which is a team-based exercise that encourages players to work together to move the payload from one location to another. The second is a classic design control game where two teams compete for the central target area. Although the battles take place in a place called the Grand Arena, they are based on iconic Star Wars venues such as Tatooine, Endor, and Hoth.

As of this writing, “Star Wars: Hunter” has not given an official release date, but it shouldn’t be too far away, because Zynga is currently testing the game through soft releases in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.