First tests show Steam Deck SD card speed rivals the SSD

The best Steam Deck accessories

(Image credit: Valve)

If you plan to pick up a Steam Deck, don’t forget to kit it out with a bunch of accessories, like headphones, USB hubs, and portable chargers. Here’s a list of our favorite ones.

The cheapest version of the Steam Deck might be a better deal than you think. Pre-release testing on Valve’s handheld shows micro SD card load times are almost as fast as the SSD in several games. The undersized 64 GB of internal eMMC storage on the budget Steam Deck might not be an issue if you can slot in a hefty SD card and barely notice a difference.

Linus Tech Tips and The Phawx both tested load times on the Steam Deck and found that micro SD load times were almost identical to the SSD in games like Control, Dead Cells, and Street Fighter 5. In some cases the micro SD load was a mere 2 seconds behind, while in others there was no measurable difference: it was just as fast.