Five Nights of Freddie: Security Vulnerability Release Date: December 16

Freddy’s Five Nights: Security Breach On Wednesday, Sony’s state of the game showed more worlds and characters, and announced the release date. Security breach It will be available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on December 16.

The new trailer sets a dim scene: we hear a high-pitched cry of a child begging for them to leave before the nightmarish shopping mall closes. At the same time, a faceless narrator pointed them through the public address system. “Go ahead and try not to draw attention to yourself,” the voice said.

The trailer also shows more malls where the game takes place. This look focuses on arcades and pizzerias filled with neon lights, filled with musically talented but frightening animatronic robots. The trailer starts and ends with a white robot rabbit glowing red around the corner.

The game will use a lot of invisible elements.The trailer also shows the protagonist wandering around, according to reports PlayStation blog post about Security breach, “The most important thing is to formulate a strategy on how to defeat the enemy.” Security breach Announced in August 2019, developed by Steel Wool Studios, the developer behind Five Nights in Freddie VR: Need Help.