Five things Halo Infinite needs to do in 2022

The story of Halo Infinite’s Master Chief, pilots and weapons beautifully sets the future of the series. It also leaves plenty of room for story exploration that doesn’t involve John and his newfound battle with the Endless, which has me most excited about Halo stories in quite a while. Halo Infinite is a platform so it can expand not only in multiplayer but also more single player content.

If you’ve played the campaign, you’ll be familiar with the audio logs scattered throughout Zeta Halo that gently fill in the story between the events of Infinite and Halo 5. The beauty of these peeks and teases is how open they are. We know characters like The Arbiter, Locke, etc. are there. We just don’t know where they are now. The same goes for most familiar faces that haven’t been seen since the last battle with Cortana. This ambiguity is exciting not only from a storytelling standpoint, but also from a gameplay standpoint. The script is completely open to 343. Do they want to tell a more intimate story similar to Halo 3: ODST? Put Captain Lasky on Zeta Halo after Infinity crashed and tell his story of saving the UNSC without the most crucial soldiers. Do they want to tell a more familiar bombastic story with new and familiar weapons that aren’t available on Zeta Halo? Check in with Fred, Linda and Kelly for a more cooperative adventure.

That’s the beauty of what the 343 can achieve through the story of Halo Infinite. Without spoiling the ending too much, Halo Infinite’s closing moments make it clear that the slate is clean. While that’s exciting for Chief and Company, it’s almost even more exciting for the characters around him. It unleashes 343 to provide arcs and endings for the Bucks, Rocks and Laskis of this world, including or killing familiar faces as they see fit. The storylines of AAA video games are sometimes predictable, with each game trying to be a new franchise. The 343 has a chance to buck the trend and continue what they started with Infinite: acknowledging the past and not being bound by it.