Five years on the Switch | Everything about Nintendo

This week’s All Things Nintendo show celebrates the first five years of the Nintendo Switch.The anniversary is coming up, so Brian invites game informer Online content director Ben Reeves looks back at the Switch’s biggest milestones in its first five years and shares some stories about the system over the past five years.

notes: Brian was out on a mission this week, so this episode was recorded a week early. If there was any noteworthy news last week, Nintendo All Things will cover it next week.

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00:00:00 – Introduction
00:04:57 – Five years on Switch: Before launch
00:17:31 – Switch Five Years: 2017
00:26:31 – Switch Five Years: 2018
00:38:14 – Switch Five Years: 2019
00:50:50 – Switch Five Years: 2020
00:57:00 – Switch five years: 2021
01:02:41 – Why was the switch so successful?
01:09:52 – Top 5 best-selling games on Switch
01:12:28 – Final Ranking: Switch Games So Far
01:20:34 – eShop Feature of the Week: Owl Boy
01:24:15 – Ben’s personal message

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