Fixed a bug in the DualSense battery indicator with a PS5 firmware update

Sheriff Saedo
June 10, 2021 10:48 GMT

There is a new firmware update for PS5.

Sony has released new firmware Playstation 5 this morning. This week’s update is 21.01-, as platform owners are still using the comically long version number.

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There was no prior announcement, so you’re probably guessing it’s another incremental update. That said, I actually got the right patch notes this time around. This patch fixes a bug where games hidden on the PS4 will continue to appear on the PS5. Also, the process of copying games from a USB drive to internal storage is more stable.

Another welcome change in this week’s patch – as first discovered With Reddit – A fix to the DualSense Battery indicator on the console dashboard caused some players to keep blinking even when the controller was charged.

Read below for the complete change log.

  • This system software update improves system performance.
  • Updated DualSense wireless controller device software for improved stability.
  • Fixed an issue that limited some screen functionality when screen readers were enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where games hidden on the PS4 would not be hidden on the PS5.
  • The process of copying games from USB extended storage to game library console storage has been made more stable.

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