Foldable laptop screen will come out in 2022

Intel announced at the CES 2022 show that it is developing specifications for foldable notebook computers. Although foldable screens are not new, they have not yet gained traction in the laptop market, which is a bit strange considering that laptops fold naturally anyway. Intel said that the first devices using folding display technology will begin shipping this year. We can see some quite exciting equipment and shapes.

This specification is part of the Intel Evo platform. It is essentially a set of guidelines listing the features and requirements of thin and light laptops with long battery life, fast wake-ups, and modern connectivity. In some respects, Evo can be regarded as Ultrabook 2.0.

(Image source: Intel)

Foldable laptops open up a series of interesting use cases. You can use one as a tablet, you can use the desktop like a 2-in-1, or even as a book. You can use it as a standard laptop with a virtual keyboard, or add keyboard accessories. The latter is something that gamers might use.