Football Manager 2022, it needs two, more will land on Xbox Game Pass in November

Microsoft has announced the first batch of games to enter Xbox Game Pass this month.

As you know, it will be released in November my world Pass game pass for PC. Released yesterday, it is bundled with the Java and Bedrock editions of the game.

Another headline we’ve told you to launch in November is GTA: San Andreas-Definitive Edition. It is the 11th landing service, with “full upgrade” and modern game enhancements, while still maintaining the classic look and feel.

Of course, one of the most important releases this month, Forza Horizon 5, The first day of arrival on Xbox Game Pass on November 9.

Other games launched this month include need two people, kill it with fire, 2022 Football Manager and a step from the Garden of Eden.

Need two Will provide cloud, console and PC versions for those who have PC and Ultimate Xbox Game Pass through The Play List on November 4. Football Manager 2022: Xbox Edition Will be launched on November 9 for cloud, console and PC.

Released yesterday, Unboxing It is now available for cloud, console and PC as the title of the first day. In this puzzle game, you will learn about the character through various actions when you open the package. Doing so can put the story together through everyday and sentimental objects you encounter when decorating and organizing your new space.

Tomorrow, November 4th, cloud, console and PC, Kill it with fire It is found that you are hunting spiders and causing damage in the process. When you track spiders in the suburbs and burn everything on the path, the game has an arsenal of “more and more weapons”.

Deck building and real-time action games A step in the garden of eden Will be launched on the host and PC on November 11. The game has elements similar to rogue, giving you the opportunity to “open a path to benevolence or destruction”. You can act alone or cooperate with your friends, cast powerful spells in flight, fight ever-changing enemies, and collect game-changing artifacts.

As new games are launched, a batch of games will be withdrawn from service, but you still have time to try them before they bid farewell.

Therefore, please be sure to download and play Final Fantasy 8 HD, Roller Coaster Planet, Interstellar Renegade, Rogue Street, Gardens, or River City Girls before November 15th.