For hundreds of days, Brian Hicks (Brian Hicks) has been struggling to complete DayZ, but did not fully achieve the goal


(Image source: Future)

This article first appeared in “PC Player” Magazine Issue 361, August 2021. Every month we launch exclusive features to explore the world of PC gaming-from behind-the-scenes previews to incredible community stories to fascinating interviews and more.

You may not see them, but there are secret PC gamers hidden deep inside the main console companies. Back in 2013, Brian Hicks was the project manager of Microsoft Studios-a professional Xbox evangelist. But behind the scenes, he is trying to establish a relationship between his boss and the creator of the classic PC game he fell in love with: DayZ.

“You know, I did so much,” Hicks wrote in an email to DayZ creator Dean Hall, “You should hire me.” When asked to fly to Prague for two weeks During the job interview, Hicks was shocked to find that with the development of indie games, the DayZ team has about 5 people.