For some reason, Ed Sheeran will join Pokemon Go

Not content to sneak into the set of “Red Wanted”, “Game of Thrones”, “Yesterday” and many other film projects, Framlingham-born ginger singer Edward Christopher Sheeran (Edward Christopher Sheeran) will now Eyes are on Pokemon Go. Really.

Ed Sheeran HQ’s Twitter account In a vague tweet, it was revealed that there will be some kind of crossover between the internationally renowned superstar and the Pokemon Go mobile game, and it will start soon.

After the initial tweet, Official account of Pokemon Go The announcement was retweeted with an eye emoji-but no further details.

Will we see avatar items that make you look like a red-haired musician? Or will we get some of his bland pop music brands as the soundtrack for us to capture and incubate? Do we want another Pikachu to wear a hat but have ginger hair? who knows.

We have seen that Pokemon Go collaborates with clothing brands to bring exclusive merchandise to your avatar, so maybe this has something to do with it. Or maybe some kind of Sheeran-based acquisition will appear in the gaming world? Or maybe you have to fight a large version of Ed in a raid, and if you win, you can shut him up for five minutes. The possibilities are endless.

If you aspire to get out of the game as much as possible before the arrival of the most insidious British in pop music permanently tarnishes it, no matter what form it takes, maybe you want to check out all valid Pokemon GO codes in November 2021