For some reason, Sker’s horror adventure Maid of Sker is followed by a cooperative shooting game

Maid of Sker is a very British horror game that sounds a lot like a friction outing: it takes place in 1898 and tells the story of “a family empire driven by torture, slavery, pirates, and supernatural mysteries.” It is based on Welsh folklore and the background is a real historical building in Wales called Sker House. It’s obviously pretty good: its overall score is 69/100 Meta critic And a “very positive” user review rating steam.

In order to succeed, the developer Welsh Interactive announced today a follow-up action called Sker Ritual. But this is not a horror game-for some reason, it is “cooperative survival FPS”. In the overly brief trailer, the flash of the new game looks similar to Sk’s Maiden-the dark forest outside the burning hut, the living room at the turn of the 20th century-but the guns and a large number of enemies look more like something Relieve from painkillers. It will support single-player games and cooperative actions for up to four people, if in any doubt, it is not a direct sequel, but a “spiritual successor”.