For some reason, the harmless Call of Duty Warzone Salt Mines door is killing the player

By Dom Peppiatt
June 21, 2021 17:15 GMT

Call of Duty: War Zone It seems that there was a door that killed when the player tried to pass through the door. So it’s probably best to avoid it. Salt mine for now.

Redditor Rxelik understands that certain doors in the warehouse in the salt mine part of the map will knock you as soon as you get close.The user posted a video of the problematic barrier to r / warzone subreddit.

I want to show solidarity and prove that scary doors are certainly deadly, Other playerss Flocked to Include An unlikely landmark Test it. Behold, they too are on the floor (or is it a “door”?)

Yo, Raven This door will kill you instantly Fix Lmao From COD Warzone

No one knows why this is happening, and Raven hasn’t officially addressed this issue yet. Players speculate on various forums that it may have something to do with the Red Door high-speed movement system introduced in the game in Warzone Season 4, but this is only speculation at this time.

This is the longest line of Warzone bugs that seems to continue to plague the attention-grabbing battle royale. For example, at the beginning of Season 4, I saw a freight truck change after it obscured the player.

There was a problem with the black box in August 2020. Earlier this year, I saw players abuse under map cheats. There was also a persistent stimulus glitch that plagued the player.

I hope this new issue will be fixed sooner rather than later. But we will see.

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