For some reason, the latest patch of Doom Eternal brings back the original main menu music

A small Doom Eternal update launched earlier this week revealed a new Halloween-themed Mancubus as part of the game Ghoul, gourd and galleon Incident and a bug was fixed. But it also made a change that I think is much more interesting than any one: it resets the main menu music to “the same as when Doom Eternal was launched in March 2020.”

This is a weird one, right? It turns out that when “The Ancient Gods Part Two” appeared in March, it brought new music to the main menu.And fans noticed: users across multiple threads Reddit with steam Ask what happened to the original music and how they restored it. The Mod manufacturer finally took this matter into his own hands and created “Old main menu music“(Now set to hidden, and warn “If the main menu music changes again, you can count on me to make a new version of this mod”) and “Mick Gordon main menu theme.”