For some reason, the scope in “Battlefield 2042” seems to affect the recoil of the weapon

If you keep playing Battlefield 2042 Since its release in November last year, you will undoubtedly be keenly aware that a problem with the game is the inconsistent behavior of weapon attachments, which is a major factor in the poor response of its gun battles.

Some of these issues are manifested in misleading attachment descriptions, and they will be contrary to what is stated. In other cases, certain accessories are not effective in performing the functions they are supposed to perform.

DICE finally corrected some of these errors in subsequent patches, but the problem does not seem to be completely resolved.Picked by Reddit users Zodell, The recoil of weapons in Battlefield 2042 seems to be affected by line of sight and range selection in some way.

As you can see in the video below; using the AK24 assault rifle, switching the sight from Fusion Holo to XDR Holo can reduce the vertical recoil by about 25%. This obviously shouldn’t happen, because all the scopes in “Battlefield 2042” do not have-theoretically-any characteristics that affect recoil.

It is worth noting that in both cases, Zodhr connected the Arcom tactical muzzle brake to the barrel-designed to reduce recoil. It may be that there is a problem with the Plus menu itself, and the effect of the muzzle brake is not initially applied until the line of sight changes.

The same problem can also cause similar problems with weapon grips.As shown in the following video iFlyAircraft, When switching between Cobra Grip and LWG Grip, the M5A3 assault rifle has different vertical recoil values-according to the description in the game, both should have the same effect.

In fact, the video shows that a compensator is connected, so it is also possible that its effect will only be applied after the grip is changed. Regardless of the cause, this is obviously a problem that needs to be resolved.

As the DICE developers return from the holiday break, we expect to hear about the studio’s game plans for 2022 soon. Now, we have gained more knowledge of Battlefield 2042.