For technical reasons, Rockstar had to “remove some” cheats from the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy-Final Edition

Expect some cheats to be missing in the Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy-Final Edition.

The GTA franchise is known for many things, including cheating. These allow players to customize the experience in a given GTA game according to their preferences. Maybe they have too much police enthusiasm? Cheating can solve this problem. Maybe they need a rocket launcher right away? Cheaters can get them. Really, there is an accompanying cheating for many wishes and needs in GTA.

However, according to Rockstar, some of the cheats previously seen in GTA III, GTA: San Andreas and GTA: Vice City have been removed, although the company chose to remain silent on this topic when asked about the cheats. USA Today, According to reports European players.

Rockstar Games producer Rich Rosado said: “In fact, due to technical reasons, we had to remove some things that performed poorly on Unreal.” USA Today“But that’s actually where I’m leaving. I found some fun. I’m not talking about adding or subtracting points, but I would rather not just go straight to the end before the release.”

USA Today Note that Rosado chose not to disclose which cheats will not occur. Rosado also chose not to disclose whether any new cheats have been added to the trilogy. With the remastered trilogy released today, maybe players will soon discover new cheats.

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