Forever Entertainment says it has a publishing deal with Nintendo

Forever Entertainment, the developer behind the Panzerd Lagoon remake and the next House of the Dead remake, said in a press release with Nintendo to publish part of the remake, perhaps exclusively on the popular Nintendo Switch system. He states that he has signed a public contract. The Polish press release was translated by Cass_Se, a member of ResetEra. Polish developers recently Agreement with Square Enix To help recreate some of their old titles. According to today’s press release, Forever Entertainment receives “significant financial support” from Nintendo.

“The Board of Directors of Forever Entertainment SA (FE) has announced that it has entered into an important agreement between FE and Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Nintendo) of Japan.

Under the agreement, FE will receive a large amount of financial support from Nintendo to fulfill the publishing agreement. Its purpose is to release some titles from the FE release schedule on Nintendo Switch.

The exact release date for each title will be announced in a separate report. “