Forever Sky quests players to salvage and survive a devastated earth

Forever Skies is a newly released first-person survival game from developer Far From Home. Players control a scientist who returns to a devastated, barely habitable Earth in search of remains while making greater discoveries about how the planet has changed.

After the ecological catastrophe, the earth is covered in a thick layer of toxic dust. You have no idea how Earth fell apart in the first place, though, so you’ll brave the environment to discover artifacts and resources that hint at its demise. It’s also important to find ways to grow food and craft tools. However, the world’s ecosystems have changed dramatically, so who knows what dangers you’ll find lurking beneath the clouds.

Air Force Base as your floating headquarters. It can be customized to your liking and you can use it as a laboratory, home and workshop. There seem to be various tools at your disposal. The trailer shows a wrist-mounted laser that can vaporize objects, such as doors to new areas. Forever Skies will start out as a single-player game, but Far From Home plans to add a co-op mode to its Early Access lifecycle.

Far From Home plans to launch Forever Skies in Early Access sometime this year. While it will launch on PC first, the team plans to release the game on consoles at a later date, with the PlayStation 5 confirmed.

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