Forget Madden, Legend Bowl is the American football game you should play

The reappearance of the NFL on TV is only two things to my video game habits. First of all, I basically no longer have time to play on Sundays, because my focus is always on the weekly schedule and my performance in fantasy football. Secondly, I started to think… Is there any good NFL game to kill time?

Usually, you know, the answer is single. Madden Football League. This is not to say that Madden is bad-it is good-but it has all the weaknesses you expect from these annual efforts of EA Sports. They are progressively improved continuous treadmills, developed in a clearly cost-effective factory-like environment. This is great-but it means I really don’t want to play Madden every year. There are not enough changes, and the annual cost is huge for the relative incremental increase and roster update.

Although we do have a “non-analog” licensed NFL game from 2K Sports. At some point in the future I pray for the NFL Blitz (the best sports game ever), but in the past few years, I have been experimenting and independent American Football Game-There are many neat games on PC.

Last year i was about Professional strategy football, This is an annual franchise, the main goal is to become the football manager of the hand egg. It is not licensed by the NFL. It looks very cheap and basic, but it has an amazing depth and a dedicated fan community that can quietly upload mods to add official teams and roster.

Given that the NFL is such a deep tactical sport from time to time, it is ideal for management games, and I have always been surprised that considering the important part of NFL management games, large companies have never participated in NFL management games sports fantasy Football is.

I also entered and wrote about mobile games Vintage bowl Was briefly trapped in a Polish airport due to coronavirus travel restrictions. This is an excellent mobile product, similar to NES football games like Tecmo Bowl, but again offers amazing nuance and depth, especially on mobile platforms. It attracted me for several hours, but it was not complicated enough to get my claws into my body for a long time.

This is where the game mentioned in the title enters the battle. Legend bowl It is a new PC American football game on Steam. It is basically a 16-bit retro game, but with modern level of complexity and nuance. It has a lo-fi appearance, but is comparable to Madden in terms of functionality and dedication to recreating the sport. I have seen people compare it with outdated classics like Sensible Soccer. Although it focuses more on realism, it also has some talents that make top 90s classics like NBA Jam and NFL Blitz popular.

It has everything you want. There are tournaments, training sessions and exhibition games-everything is great-but I quickly focused my attention on the season mode. Season mode allows you to play, watch games or simulate matches-this means that if you want, you can use the latter option to make it a light-touch management simulation game. You have to manage not only the team, but also the facilities and training. You will have to deal with issues such as weather and injuries, and even build your own custom coach on your journey to build a team that can prepare for the Super Bowl.

Of course, the big game is not called the Super Bowl because of permission. In fact, the NFL does not appear in this game in any way-but there are some cute little legal different franchises, plus downloadable modules, if you really can’t live without them, these modules will be added to Teams and players in real life. Since there are many options, you can also make some very in-depth customizations yourself.

It is worth noting that even with these mods, the game is limited to the “season” level-there is no “franchise” equivalent yet, and you can start managing and competing as a team for many years, handling drafts, deals, and contract negotiations. This provides a natural path for the sequel-I think the other expansion areas of this game are clear.

However, the content in the first game is more than enough. What really pushes it to a climax is the sense of reality. The legendary bowl exists in one universe and has consistency throughout the universe. From the on-site advertising to how the weather works and the league news tabloid reports you get in a season, everything feels right and appropriate. You can get colored comments on player performance and statistics, including how the player’s performance translates into fantasy football. The referee is an active participant in the game, and the players animate all actions and movements in the game (although this can be skipped). In a game, when the referee really took out the iron chain to gauge whether a very close game really caused a new loss, I let out an audible cheer that scared the dog.

This kind of thing is exactly what you expect from a po-faced super hardcore simulation game, in which every pore on the dead eye face of the starring quarterback is exquisitely modeled in 3D, not a fun pixel art football game. Small things, such as the low voice of the stadium announcer reminding it what it is, and the music clips played in the stadium between games, make you feel like you are actually participating in a game. Games like this usually don’t have “proper” clock management, but it does, and it makes the entire process of setting up the game even more important. All this makes people feel very real, and captures the “feel” of American football brilliantly.

The Legend Bowl also crossed similar boundaries in actual games. The Steam page describes it as a “hybrid between analog and arcade-based mechanics”. I think tracking. It is not as arcade as the NES and SNES classics or blitzkrieg, but it is also not as arduous as Madden’s simulation. However, its exact position on the chart does not matter-what matters is how it feels. feels good. The action you do has a certain weight, but don’t be so heavy that it becomes boring.

In terms of simulation, I was very surprised by the rationality of the throwing mechanism-even though it and kicking were difficult to master at first.

Like the lack of a franchise model, my criticism seems to be a problem solved in a sequel or major update, not something I can use to explicitly drag down the game. Artificial intelligence is sometimes a bit suspicious in its decision-making, and it feels like there are some blitzkrieg aggressive rubber bands to keep the game competitive. It is difficult to see your low-field receiver during deep trials. Passing is a nightmare at first, even in the context of the tutorial, although it will eventually click, but the game should do more to teach the player how it works.

After recording all these and other small complaints, people had to take a step back and say: Anyway, wow, this is the first attempt. Especially by individual developers. For pure fun and excitement, I actually think this may be the best American football game on the market right now, and it is the natural successor to games such as Tecmo Bowl and NFL Blitz. EA, 2K, thinks this challenger is worth it.