Forget SSX, Indie Skiers Are Carving the Freshest Mountain Lines

Skiing and snowboarding, like biking, are not quickly forgotten. But while I’m pretty confident I’ll still be able to hit the slopes effortlessly after a decade of cross-country skiing, it doesn’t look like I’ll be testing it out anytime soon. Or forever, if climate change has its way.

Time is, I’ll turn to video games to tackle my snow sports. People my age fondly remember SSX games on the PS2, though – I’m an Xbox-owned kid – it’s the slightly more down-to-earth (if also arcade) Amped game that I hyped up to tear up the snow. But lately, it feels like the video game ramp is a little emptier than it used to be.

Oh sure, Ubisoft has tried games like Rider’s Republic and Steep, but they’re busy trying to be Five different extreme sports (opens in new tab) they are a bit forget fun (opens in new tab)However, Ubisoft isn’t alone in wanting to go skiing, however, I’ve been riding with two very different skiers who aim to capture two very different parts of the snow smashing experience.

(Image credit: FoamPunch)