Forgotten expansion content will enter the Destiny content library next year

Before the release of Destiny 2’s upcoming “Queen of Witch” expansion pack, players want to know whether existing content will enter the Destiny Content Library (DCV). We finally have the answer, and those who wish to understand the content of fate should do so as soon as possible, because the important part of knowledge is disappearing for a while.

Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2, announced Blog post The Forsaken campaign and its playable destination The Tangled Shore are entering DCV. If you want to experience the content of the expansion pack, including Harbinger and Presage Exotic missions, or get Forsaken seasonal content, you must complete it before February.

What if you are not forgotten? That will not be a problem! Bungie will provide the Forsaken content for all Destiny 2 players for free starting from December 7th. Any player will have the opportunity to see the key point in the story of destiny. At this key point, seeking revenge will lead you to chase Queen Mara Soff’s brother Odren Soff, and explain the current situation in “The Lost Season” Events related to the storyline. Just played Forsaken more than a month ago, it’s worth it. I suggest you do the same when the content is available.

However, not everything from Forsaken is locked. The City of Dreams, the sacred area of ​​the awakened, will not be removed from the game. “Some of the contents of the 4th year will be retained in the 5th year, including proving ground strikes and battlefield activities.”

Bungie decided to temporarily shelve the content of Destiny 2 for a reason. The simplest explanation is that it provides them with more data space to deal with new content. This is what Bungie said in his blog post because it is possible:

“The impact of DCV can be seen throughout Destiny 2, from very popular new events (such as the battlefield that continued in the 4th year) to allowing every player to better experience the routine of Destiny Experience innovation. For example, DCV provides a lot of technical “breathing space”, and the team is committed to making important improvements to the Destiny experience. Upgrades, such as greatly reducing our patch response time, improving loading time, and providing a faster user interface (such as Your inventory or map), while others are directly connected to the opportunities DCV creates for the team.”

Whether you support DCV or not, Destiny players will undoubtedly lose some good stories and interesting missions in February. Please log in as soon as possible, or at least sometime after December 7, to fight Cayde-6 for the last time.

Are you planning to check Forsaken before Vaults? What are your favorite parts of this particular extension? Let us know in the comments!