Former BioWare boss Casey Hudson announces new game studio with humanoid studio

Casey Hudson has announced that he will leave BioWare again in December 2020. And now we are finally looking at what he has been doing since then. Former BioWare boss used Twitter to share the interior of his new gaming company called Humanoid Studio. The company has a mission to “unleash the creative freedom of developers.”

Hudson shared the first look of the Humanoid Studio on June 29th and took a peek at what this new journey would look like. “I’ve been working on something great with some of my colleagues,” he began. “And I wish I could tell you everything about it! But for now, I can say that [today] Announcing a new independent video game company built to unleash the creative freedom of developers-bringing innovation and artistry to players through a whole new IP. ”

Hudson founded Humanoid, but the team isn’t without the talented people to help advance the vision. According to the newly announced studio website, humanoids are “talented around the world” to embody a creative blend of “artistic excellence and advanced science to provide the future of interactive entertainment.” We plan to hire a “developer”. This may be a bit out of reach for my inner BioWare fans, but this new studio is true to the roots of choice-driven RPGs that Hudson has already been intimately familiar with throughout the history of his previous work. Seems to continue.

As part of the growth of the new studio, humanoids are now being employed in a variety of positions, including designers, creative directors and level designers. Feel free to visit the newly published site to get an overview of humanoids and track the news. Here..

I hope Hudson and the team will do their best in the new venture!

What do you think of Hudson’s new studio and creative vision? What do you expect from this team’s efforts in the future? Make noise with those spicy takes in the comments section below!