Former Dying Light 2 writer Chris Avellone deals with allegations of sexual misconduct and sue for defamation

In 2020, prominent writer in the game space, Chris Averone, was removed from Dying Light 2 when allegations of sexual misconduct were published from several different sources. Until recently, Avellone was publicly silent on the accusation after dealing with the allegations shortly after they came out. In a new statement, Abelon addressed his allegations and made it clear that he was seeking legal retaliation against those who accused him of defamation and loss of work.

Aberone took him During ~ blog To address previous allegations with an entry titled “Ending Silence”. “Last year, a woman named Carissa accused me, and her best friend Kelly also accused me,” his statement began. “The accusations were amazing. They were involved in our first meeting almost nine years ago and they weren’t true.”

He went on to pour out what had happened and said, “I spent last year,” and I was convinced that the people who came out earlier did so from a “false sense of self-righteousness.” He then said he was trying to hear the voice surrounding the conversation as the “Me Too” movement surrounding Ubisoft and the labor culture there was growing. But in retrospect, he felt, “I was wrong because I was silent.”

He then explains his idea that the allegations against him were inspired by a “bad split” with Jackie, both Kelly and Carissa’s best friend. This is a division that happened about seven years ago. “Jackie was a woman who advised Carissa to go to a bar at the same tournament a year after she first met. I’ll give it to someone who believes she’s a sexual predator and a friend. Is unusual .. “

“Jackie and I met for a year. We weren’t dating. We weren’t boyfriends / girlfriends. We stopped seeing each other seven years ago. I Had to constantly cut it off to Carissa. Angry and insert herself into our relationship — Jackie encouraged it. “

According to Avellone, Karissa’s desire to file a complaint against him IGN I got a virus. The interview in question said that Avellone didn’t want to do it, but PR advised him to do so. The interview “sickened” Aberon when it was discovered that he had cut off the lead of the woman he worked with. He says he doesn’t want to pay attention and feels that the attention prompted Carissa to speak. When Carissa did, Kelly did the same in the way Abelon said it was “difficult (but not impossible) to disprove.”

He added last year that he spent editing evidence and reached out to seek legal action. He made it clear that the decision was “not to silence Carissa and Kelly, but to encourage them to speak more.” He then said that other women had come forward, but for now it’s not a central goal, but to tackle Carissa’s remarks. “This is unfortunately because Carissa’s claim echoes to others as truth, and these falsehoods spread and appear to be true by repetition. It doesn’t matter if this was done from bad faith or ignorance. They are not true. ”

He added that “these other claims” would be seen in a different way when Carissa speaks her work in court. He finished his statement by saying:

For now, my focus is on Carissa and her remarks. It doesn’t make sense to claim on Twitter. Carissa told me that she owed me “nothing” about her accusations. Like her accusations, this is not true either.

When you blame someone crimeWhen you present falsehood as a fact that hurt others, you must provide evidence of your claim and deal with evidence that your words are false.It is called Accountability..

As I said before, I spent last year trying to convince myself that these acts came from false self-righteousness. I tried to fix the record and make it audible, but I was wrong. These attacks are malicious and need to be challenged.

When the allegations were first filed, the nature of the allegations focused on compulsory sexual interactions during the Games. “He gave me a blackout with Midori Swords (a company dime),” Carissa Burrows wrote at the time. “He and two friends somehow brought me back to my room, where he attacked in front of others. They left after a while (again drunk), one of whom was him. Tells me that he witnessed the next night. “

She went on to say, “When I woke up that morning, I had a very vague impression that someone made it with me, but I thought it was a dream. When I asked Chris about it, he Said I finally rejected him. Many of the nights came back to me and the only reason I was able to reject him in the stupor of a power outage was during my period that weekend. I realized it was because. It’s the only reason. “

Avellone says the pair kisses and “she saw” his age. No consent was spoken, he did not try to hold any kind of power over her in the industry, but it is important that his perception that kisses are welcome is that alone. Yes, it does not mean to discourage his remarks: his perception. That should be taken into consideration, but it is not a ruling or judgment to the extent. Details that are simply part of this evolving story. He later added that it wasn’t a round trip to sexual activity, but helped her get “interviews with her friends” and other networking help.

Currently, Avellone is seeking a Strategic Litigation (SLAPP) proceeding against civil participation against his whistleblowers and many others not named in his post. For more information on what the SLAPP case is and what its general purpose is in connection with Avellone’s case, please visit the Cornell Law Resource Center. Here.. Avellone also provided a deeper follow-up work. Here..