Former EA boss Patrick Soderlund launched his new co-op shooting game Arc Raiders

In November 2020, Patrick Soderlund, the former chief design officer of Electronic Arts, announced that he is developing a shooter game in his new studio, Embark. At the game awards ceremony tonight, this game was officially unveiled in the form of Arc Raiders. This is a free and cooperative third-person PvE shooting game. It is scheduled to come out in 2022. It will let the human team and countless killing machines from space. Start a confrontation.

“We founded Embark Studios three years ago with a blank canvas and some big ideas. Today, that canvas is no longer so blank and these ideas are becoming reality,” Soderlund said. “Through this revelation, we want to celebrate the gameplay and give players not only a hint about the look and feel of ARC Raiders. Ultimately, for cooperative action games like ARC Raiders, this is the most important thing. We look forward to receiving Share more information about this game in the next few months.”