Former Nintendo developer begs Nintendo to port Star Fox Zero to Switch

The Nintendo Switch has become the happy new home for many Wii U games that haven’t been a huge success on the struggling machine – but one of those games that remains forgotten is Star Fox Zeroan indeterminate but interesting entry of that machine in the Star Fox series.

There must be one person who still has hope for the port – former Nintendo developer Takya Imamura, who also happens to be one of the key artists behind two much-maligned Nintendo series – Star Fox and F-Zero.

Imamura used the sixth anniversary of the release of “Star Fox Zero”, which is today, to call on the company to port the game to the Switch.

“I know there are some challenges, but please port the game to Switch,” Imamura wrote on his Twitter account.

Imamura also suggested that if Nintendo is also willing to make a sequel to the wonderful promotional animation that Star Fox Zero made, Imamura would be happy to start over with the content and story of the animation.

Imamura was instrumental in character and world design for Star Fox and F-Zero, and he continues to work in the game industry as a freelancer. He is leaving Nintendo in 2021.

Imamura’s comments come after PlatinumGames, who co-developed the game, also expressed interest in porting the game to the Switch — a decision that, of course, remains Nintendo’s.

Star Fox Zero… ok. I consider Star Fox 64 (Lylat Wars in the EU) to be one of my five favorite games of all time, and Star Fox Zero feels like a worthy successor to that game every now and then. But too often, the controls explicitly designed to justify the existence of the Wii U gamepad feel counter to what’s great about Star Fox and, worse, make the action feel complicated and inaccurate. Game Maker Toolkit There’s a great video of where the game goes wrong.

However, there’s a great kernel in Star Fox Zero – as you’d expect, action enthusiast PlatinumGames assisted in development. It’s a game that requires a lot of work — as Imamura admits — but it could benefit greatly from being no longer tied to the Wii U.