Former Nintendo Minute co-host thinks Nintendo should rethink Switch Online offering

Former Nintendo Minute co-host kit frankly speaking About his thoughts on Nintendo products in the Nintendo Switch Online service. While he admits he enjoys revisiting some of the classic games the subscription offers, he makes a valid point that younger fans aren’t really interested in checking out games like ice hockey on the NES app in 2022. There are plenty of great games to choose from these days including free games, and plenty of cheap, enjoyable indie games that all want to take up your free time. Modifying the service with newer types of games and more third-party classics would be a more enticing prospect for subscribers.

“If I was still working at Nintendo, that’s who I am, I’d love to get some newer stuff because it’s old…if you’re a young gamer, you’d love what this is and why should I play it Ice hockey on the NES, which doesn’t make sense to me…a lot of NES games are like early NES games that belong in a museum.”

Kit also said that he thinks the Kyoto-based company should be more transparent about the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service offering, since we’ve been releasing some retro games for quite some time. Basically, he thinks more should be done in terms of service.

“That’s where I’m having issues…I think it would be helpful to let people know what’s planned, like how soon will I get these…I think the original NES and Super Nintendo games — – those were great game sets, but everything after that was largely a bit bad and became very inconsistent, so it’s like they basically finished this instead of what they dug up I’ve never heard of Stuff…yeah, so that’s what I’m worried about where they added Nintendo 64 and Genesis – it’s like what’s the plan? I’m pretty much giving Sega their best Genesis offering compared to other platforms More confident.”

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