Fornite brings the best of both worlds with a dedicated zero-build mode

Big news for those who are brokenhearted Fortnite Over the years, Battle Royale is perpetuating the building-free experience with new permanents Zero build mode. This provides an extra option for those who want to jump into the hugely popular title without having to worry about hastily built walls towering over them, while also preserving the pure Fortnite experience for those who still love it.

The move has been hugely welcomed by the Fortnite community, who have been debating the merits of building endlessly since the game came out five years ago. No, there’s a clear option for groups on both sides of the argument, and there’s a tailored experience for anyone who wants to play a game or two.

Take a look at the official Fortnite Reddit and you’ll find An entire megathread dedicated to discussing architecture vs. no architectureThere you’ll find some passionately retelling their stories because they just couldn’t click on the mechanic and only recently tried again because of the building’s demolition, while others passionately defend it as a core part of what makes it so. The game becomes special. Of course, none of these points are wrong, and because of that, the new dedicated mode is an absolute win in the eyes of the community. There is something for everyone here.

User AcomplishedBelt7 wrote: “We’re back! I’m glad we now have two options, and it’s a great idea that finally makes both parties happy. I’m not a fan of building, but building has always been a core part of this game and I’m super glad it’s back ” — many people added their thoughts below the announcement on Reddit and Twitter.

What’s interesting here is what this means for the future of Fortnite, and how the community will be split between these modes. It remains to be seen whether Epic will release figures on the popularity of each mode, but actually quantifying this split, rather than judging it vaguely by community sentiment on social media, will help to figure out if this will eventually A major update to the title.

What do you think of the zero-build model? Are you a loyal defender of architecture? Or one of those who only recently got back into the game because the building was demolished? Let us know below!

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