Forspoken, Sifu and the best games of 2021 | GI Show

What is Thursday without another exciting episode Game informant show? We are back to our regular scheduled release, and today we will delve into our impressions of Forspoken, Sifu, and the 2021 Game of the Year. But this is not all. Jill, John, Stadnik and Van Aken reviewed their personal top ten list here and discussed which games have had a huge impact on them in the past year. In the later stages of the show, Marcus, Dan and King joined the crazy ranks, looking back at the predictions of who won the game prize a few weeks ago, and ending the whole process with another interesting audience question part!

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00:03:30-Top 10 games of 2021 selected by Game Informer

00:06:34-Editing the top 10 selections of 2021 (Part 1)


00:55:00-Forgotten impression

01:08:47-Sifu hands-on preview

01:19:32-Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

01:34:09-Housekeeping service

01:38:46-Game award prediction winner

01:50:45-Listener email