Fort Crumpet in Fortnite: Where is Fort Crumpet?

Fort Crumpet is one of Fortnite‚Äôs many locations where you can find colored bottles to customize your Paint-a-Toona skin. In Fort Crumpet, you will find Red Knight’s “Crimson Knight” colored bottle, which will bring a bright red color scheme to your toon fish.

Where is the shortbread castle? It is one of the oldest locations in Fortnite and is introduced at the beginning of Chapter 2 of Fortnite.

You will recognize it as a dilapidated military fort in the northwest of the map. Check out the map below.

(Image source: Epic Games)

After arriving there, you are looking for three red bottles scattered in the area. The image below highlights the location of each bottle, which is described in detail below.

(Image source: Epic Games)

Fort Crumpet Color Bottle 1: Near the east entrance.