Fortnite 2022: Pretty Epic

The biggest problem with Fortnite is that, in a way, it’s the fastest-changing game in history. A game that started as a co-op tower defense game and rose to stardom with a battle royale mode is still those two things, now with substantial additions over the years, and every once in a while, the setting changes radically. Saying you’re still playing the same game isn’t even accurate: how would you categorize something like an amazing custom concert in Fortnite, a movie sidekick, or an interactive Martin Luther King Jr. exhibit? When Epic calls this thing a platform, you have to admit it makes sense.

One of the principles of Fortnite is partnership. Epic was quick to intuit that when your business model is selling battle passes and cosmetics, you can’t have too many brands crossovers. It really can’t be overstated how attractive Fortnite is, with a seemingly endless rotation of already famous characters appearing, often at moments tied to other things (like the recent Spider-Man pairing with the latest movie).