Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is live today

Fortnite’s new season was launched hours ago, bringing aliens from space, new cosmetics, a new battle pass system and more. The theme of the new season is the full-scale invasion of aliens. You can join Doctor Sloan and Imaginade Orders and defeat them with powerful new weapons at your disposal. Here’s what to expect (Via IGN) If you haven’t embarked on a new season yet, along with a stylish new video from the Epic Games people:

Aliens invade the island

Like the previous Fortnite seasons, Chapter 2 Season 7 has a comprehensive story. Yes, aliens are invading, but Dr. Sloan and Imaginade Order (IO) are ready to step up and face the threat with new weapons and inventions.

New weapons and vehicles

As IO and Kymera fight each other, new weapons that players can pick up and use will emerge from both sides. IO introduces tools and guns such as Recon Scanner, Pulse Rifle and Rail Gun, and aliens fight back with Kymera Ray Gun.

The map is flooded with flying saucers that players can shoot down or take over. Hijacking one of the saucers allows players to travel the island with their squad and use their built-in weapons to blow up their enemies.

Nuts and bolts also fall from the saucer and can be used to create new weapons from existing weapons. Use these materials to transform an assault rifle into a burst assault rifle or a shotgun into a lever action shotgun.

Battle pass with a twist

As always, Fortnite will introduce a new Battle Pass for the season. Instead of reaching a certain level in the pass and unlocking cosmetics, players earn Battlestars each time they level up. Battlestars can be redeemed for Battlepass rewards in any order the player desires.

As you level up, more reward pages will be unlocked, giving you more cosmetics to redeem for Battlestars. There are also special rewards that can only be obtained after purchasing all other rewards on the page.