Fortnite Chinese version closed

Chinese version of Epic Games Fort night will Turn off In the middle of this month. The special version of the game’s battle royale mode is designed to comply with China’s strict game rules. It is operated by the gaming giant Tencent. Epic’s test of the water eventually failed to meet the standard, and its servers will be shut down on November 15. The new registration is not taken longer after today, either.

The Fortnite beta version designed by Tencent for China is different from Fortnite known elsewhere in the world: there are no in-app purchases or depictions of skulls and blood, just to name a few changes.

In the absence of government approval, closing Fortnite China may be a cost-saving measure.Analyst Daniel Ahmad explained in a report tweet “Given that it has not yet been approved, the cost of changing/operating the game/extending the license no longer makes sense.”

China has been cracking down on online games recently, limiting children’s play time to three hours a week. Nevertheless, with the launch of Steam in China and the PS5 finally being sold there, game companies are still struggling to enter the field. At the same time, Fortnite and dev Epic also have problems in China, because the former is no longer on the Apple App Store, while the latter continues to find legal ways to fight with it. However, Fortnite is still one of the most popular games, often affecting popular culture and changing the way many players consume media.