Fortnite Ghostbusters Containment Expert Mission: Where to find Seismograph, Mini Pufts and Ghost Traps

The classic chill is coming Fort night With the arrival Ghostbusters Punch Card.

You have to defeat some scary ghosts, do some real science, grab more support from “No Ghost”, and proudly wear the classic logo to defend against evil souls. Here’s everything you need to do to become a true Ghostbusters, including a small version to challenge the iconic enemies of the series: Mini Pufts, And where to deploy Seismograph.

Where can you find Ghostbusters containment experts?

To start the Ghostbusters punch card, talk to the containment specialist at the southern end of the Fortnite map.

In the barn, accept the task, and then head north to Misty Meadow or Cat’s Point.

How do you deploy a seismograph in Fortnite?

The easiest place to deploy all three seismographs at once is Misty Meadows.

Look for the blue outline around the eastern square area next to the fountain, at the end of the western road.

Then there is another seismograph by the water in the north.

How do you eliminate mini-Pufts in Fortnite?

Once you find some mini Pufts, it’s easy to complete this challenge all at once.

To the southeast of the lazy lake, look for the swimming pool behind the house. Swing your pickaxe on the Mini Puft there, and you should be able to get all three.

How do you get back mechanical parts by destroying the car in Fortnite?

You can complete this challenge by destroying any truck or car found on the Fortnite map.

A good place to do this is Corny Crops because there is a truck and two cars in the middle of the area.

Where did you put the Ghostbusters logo on Fortnite?

You can place the Ghostbusters logo in Holly Hedges, Dirty Docks or Pleasant Park, but I did it in Dirty Docks.

Look for the blue outline around the area, you can complete all three operations in the same place.

Where do you deploy Ghost Trap in Fortnite?

Check your mission menu and see all the locations where ghost traps appear on the map. Then, you are looking for the same blue outline as the previous challenge.

Once you interact with Ghost Trap, the backing of No Ghost will be yours!

After completing these challenges, it’s time to enter the Monster Hunter mission in Ariana Grande.

Then, the eerie “Word of the Oracle” quest line will continue to bring creepy fun.