Fortnite: New Pizza Party item restores health and shields during matches

There’s really nothing better than pizza, and Epic Games has made it clear that it’s a new pizza party box item scattered across the island of Fortnite.

With today’s v19.10 patch added, the Pizza Party box consists of eight slices of “nutritiously amazing” hot, fresh Slurpshroom Pizza. These pizzas are from the new pizza pit at Tilted Towers, but who knows how their pizzas end up scattered all over the island.

“Find the pizza party boxes scattered all over the island, then throw one away and have an instant feast with the squad — literally throwing a party. These boxes of Slurpshroom Pizza contain eight surprisingly nutritious slices — eating them can Both health and shields are restored until you have 100 health and 50 shields.”

You can also eat slices straight from the box or save some for later. This can be especially useful for teammates who are alone or lone wolves ignore some of the team play aspects of Fortnite modes. Pizza Party Boxes can be found in chests, supply boxes, loot camels, and on the ground. You can also buy some from Tomatohead using Bars.

Epic Games says these items are not currently on the competitive playlist, but will likely come after an evaluation period, as with most items that introduce battle royale.

The news of the pizza party project comes as various rumors continue to circulate about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles joining Fortnite. Maybe this pizza is a way to lure them to Battle Royale Island, or maybe we’re just stuck in the land of wishful thinking (TMNT would be a cool crossover, right?). Only time will tell.

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