Fortnite Operation: Sky Fire events: release date, start time, playlist

Fortress nightThe latest season will end on Sunday to stop the ongoing large-scale conspiracy of alien invasion. In order to finally eliminate the threat of aliens, the developer Epic Games is releasing a new end-of-season event to allow players to penetrate into the final reality and save the world. The event will start on Sunday, September 12th at 4pm Eastern Time.

Last event Fortress night Season 2 and Season 7 will be called Action: Skyfire, which will be a one-time event that all players can participate in, similar to previous events. However, unlike some events, Operation: Sky Fire will not have replays available. The event will be in its own separate playlist, which will be online 30 minutes before the event starts-depending on the server queue that occurred in the past, this may be the time you want to be online.

This new incident was accompanied by some unique warnings from Epic.according to Developer’s post Fortress night website, Players should ensure that all challenges are completed before the event starts, and all their battle stars have been redeemed-otherwise they will be redeemed automatically, starting with the earliest available unlock. If players want to unlock all the decorations of Superman, they also need to complete all Superman tasks before the event starts.

Fortress night Chapter 2 Season 8 will start sometime after “Operation Skyfire”, but how long after that and what will happen next, we have to find out after the event.