Fortnite Operation Skyfire time and how to watch Operation Skyfire

Fortnite Operation Skyfire brings the 7th season to an end.

The event will start soon, and if you want to see everything it has to offer, you’d better leave some time in your schedule. Now that the mothership has aimed at the target, there is no turning back.

Operation Fortnite Skyfire | What time is Operation Skyfire Fortnite

Operation Skyfire started on September 12:

  • 4 p.m. EST
  • 1 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time
  • 9 p.m. British Summer Time

The Skyfire action playlist is open 30 minutes before the event, so we recommend that you log in as soon as possible to grab your place in the mission. Epic did not mention any type of event limit, but it is best not to take risks.

There is no replay of Operation Skyfire, so if you miss the 12th, you will not be able to experience the end of the season. It seems that Operation Skyfire will only happen in the game itself, there is no YouTube broadcast.

Fortnite Operation Skyfire | How long does Operation Skyfire last?

Epic did not mention how long the event will last. The previous activity took about half an hour, but this time it may take longer. Epic promised to perform a major mission in which the commando infiltrated the ship and “delivered the final message of IO to the invading aliens.”

Fortnite Operation Skyfire | Operation Skyfire Leaked

Most of the activities are still confidential, but there have been some leaks on the Internet, which may not only be rumors.Data mining information comes from ŠHØØT2K1ŁŁ Show that your commando is passing through some kind of prison area. The pictures in the active part of the game show jetpacks and bombs, so it is not difficult to imagine what happened here.

Fortnite Operation Skyfire | What Continues to Chapter 8

No matter what happens, make sure to complete everything you want to do in Chapter 7 before September 12. Epic missions and battle star rewards will disappear after Skyfire, and the missions of alien artifacts and superman will also disappear.

The latest chapter of Fortnite introduces a new way to redeem battle stars. If you don’t want to do this yet, please review it as soon as possible and check out the new imposter mode or our Deathrun code preference, if you wish to kill time before Operation Skyfire.